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ARGENTINA: Accommodations - Golf - Other Activities

Other Activities in Argentina

Apart from sightseeing in Buenos Aires, the most interesting activities in Argentina take place out of doors. Indeed almost any outdoor activity you can think of is available there. The following are some of the activities in which it excels:

Polo: After soccer, polo is arguably Argentina's national sport. It has won the world polo championship uninterruptedly since 1949 and its leading polo players occasionally make a splash in international high society. For anyone who has ever ridden a horse and would like to try their hand at polo, Argentina is the place for them. There are a substantial number of estancias, around Buenos Aires and places like Bariloche, which arranges polo games for visitors and provides classes for all levels. Many of these estancias are quite luxurious and arrange activities for non-polo playing members of the party as well.

Fly Fishing: There are few places that offers better fly fishing for trout than Patagonia, the area of Argentina that covers the southern third of the country. And few places are better organized to cater to serious anglers. Lodges, dedicated to fishing are to be found everywhere, including the remote Terra del Fuego archipelago, where the best trout fishing in the world is to be found by fishermen sufficiently dedicated to make the journey there. For those who are not so adventurous or ready for a full time fly fishing experience, an excellent days fishing can also be arranged in Bariloche.

Skiing: For those who yearn to ski during the northern summer, top class ski resorts are to be found up and down the Andes, in that season during the southern winter. Helicopter flights to virgin snows fields are also available at a number of locations. For something to really talk about, consider Argentina's newest ski resort, Cerro Castor on Tierra Del Fuego Island. It also claims with some conviction to be the most southerly ski resort in the world. Contrary to expectations, it has excellent weather and has high quality powder snow due to the stability of its temperatures.

Wine Tasting: As already noted, Mendoza Province is the principal wine growing area of Argentina. Some 70 wineries in the area welcome visitors and atmospheric inns and restaurants are to found throughout.

Iguazú Falls : One of the great natural wonders of the world, Iguazú Falls can be reached by daily flights from Buenos Aires and a sightseeing side trip there can be readily arranged. Iguazú has got a full range of accommodation, including a Sheraton hotel within walking distance of the falls.