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Ireland: Accommodations - Golf - Other Activities

Other Activities in Ireland

What else?

Food and Drink
Great food, brilliant company and some of the best gastro events in the world…

Roar with the crowd at a Gaelic Football match, soar off a sea cliff or tee off in one of the world’s most magnificent golf courses.

Horses and Horse Racing
Uncover a county with an unforgettable equestrian flavor and sample some of the events that make Ireland a unique place for unbridled fun…

Scenery and Nature
Seek out spectacular scenic delights from the soaring peaks of Ireland’s highest mountains to the tranquil meandering River Shannon. From bizarre lunar landscapes and the mighty Atlantic to labyrinthine caves and crystal clear waterways, discover Ireland’s breathtaking beauty…

Music and Dance
Turn up the decibels with passion-fuelled music festivals in a land where music is part of the culture…

Car touring
Take to the open road with an exhilarating drive through Ireland. Is there any better way to see a country than at your own, leisurely pace? Create your own unique journey around the wonderful wilds of Ireland with a trip of a lifetime you’ll never forget.

People and Culture
The Irish culture has taken thousands of years to develop, so cherish every moment of your cultural discovery. From goat coronations to Saint Patrick – some things are just uniquely Irish.

With the history of Ireland dating back as far as 6000BC, the past has truly paved the way for the island’s buoyant present and future.

As well as being hip, vibrant and cosmopolitan, Ireland’s 11 urban hubs are perfectly formed – not too big to be overwhelming, and not so small that you can see it all in a day!