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A vacation trip, particularly to a foreign destination can be greatly enhanced by good planning. Owenoak’s mission is to assist in this activity to the point where each trip is designed to meet each customer’s particular goals and expectations. When creating your vacation program our trip planners work with you as a partner and not just as a booking agent.  

The first task planning any vacation is to structure the itinerary to best include the various places that it is desired to visit, within the selected destination, in the time available to do so. Without good planning, too much time can be spent getting from one place to other and not enough enjoying the experiences afforded by the destination. This requires a complete understating of the geographic realities of each destination and the logistics involved in getting around it. This is of particular importance for those on a golf vacation, where it is important to be based in a location from which the maximum number golf courses can be reached without either excessive driving or moving from hotel to hotel. 

Second, we at Owenoak believe that getting the right accommodation in terms of atmosphere and ambience can significantly enhance the enjoyment of the total travel experience. In other words, selecting the right accommodation is a critical part of trip planning. Accordingly, we have made a specialty of identifying hotels, inns and other types of accommodation which we think will appeal to our clients.  

The third important element in planning a trip is to decide on the type of transportation required at the destination. For some people, ground transportation is merely a way of getting from one place to another. For others it is the method by which they explore the highways and byways of the country they are visiting. Perhaps the most popular method of getting around is in a self drive car. It is the least expensive and offers greatest flexibility. Similar, but on a more luxurious scale, comes a chauffeured limousine leaving no only the driving but also the guiding to a highly professional driver. Parties of eight and up might consider a mini coach, with driver. This is particularly favored by golfers, who like to discuss their game over a libation in the clubhouse after their rounds and can leave the driving to someone else.  Finally, many countries, particularly in continental Europe, also offer excellent high speed inter city rail services and is an excellent way of getting quickly from one place to another, particularly where longer distances are involved.

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